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Effective Leadership, Followership, and In Between

This essay is the first in a series written for HS711: “Collaborative Leadership” at College of the Atlantic. At some point or another, whether through function or position, everybody has been a leader.  When I began to think about my practice and receipt of leadership, I turned to my application to the Coast Guard’s Officer Candidate […]

Thanksgiving Remarks at Georgetown Day School

November 23, 2010 | 11:00 a.m. Thanksgiving Assembly | Georgetown Day School | Washington, DC It’s a real honor for me to be back here at one of my favorite GDS assemblies. Thanksgiving is an especially important time of the year for me as it is one in which we give thanks and think about how […]

Bregar, Leadership, and Social Change

After spending the summer traveling around the state, moonlighting as a ferryboat captain, and hiring 4 full-time/seasonal teachers for the blueberry harvest, I’m finally ready for my favorite season: fall. In the middle of this, I’ve had time to do some reflecting and after facilitating a leadership development workshop, I got thinking about a word I […]