Perspectives on Collaboration: David Chrislip, David Straus, and Paolo Freire on How and Why We Work Together

This essay is the second in a series written for HS711: “Collaborative Leadership” at College of the Atlantic. Most people would agree that—in general—a group is more than just the sum of its parts.  Given that rule, as we look to tackle issues that affect more than one person, it makes sense for us to work together—to […]

Effective Leadership, Followership, and In Between

This essay is the first in a series written for HS711: “Collaborative Leadership” at College of the Atlantic. At some point or another, whether through function or position, everybody has been a leader.  When I began to think about my practice and receipt of leadership, I turned to my application to the Coast Guard’s Officer Candidate […]

Sumner J. Yaffe: May 9, 1923-August 10,2011

Sumner J. Yaffe: May 9, 1923-August 10,2011

Invitation: Sumner J. Yaffe Memorial Lecture Series in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology. I haven’t been back here to write in a long time and today I return to put into writing some of the thoughts I have about one of the most important people in my life: Sumner J. Yaffe, known to me more simply as Dad. […]

Portland Press Herald: “Invest in nonprofits and save”

According to a recent report by the Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) and corresponding article on the Portland Press Herald, “if Maine really wants to save money, a new report suggests an investment in the nonprofit sector would bring big dividends.” “Non-profits are the state’s second-largest employer and already provide millions in savings in areas such […]

Happy Holidays

Despite a brief morning snowstorm that only affected Downeast Maine and a power outage that only affected our side of town during the afternoon, last night we celebrated the holidays at Mano en Mano during our potluck and posada.  A posada is a Mexican cultural tradition that takes place in December, and in context means […]