GDS Students Make a World of Difference

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Ian Yaffe ’05 Makes His Mark on Maine

Ian Yaffe credits GDS with inspiring him to “shape my place in the world.” Ian said, “When I think about my time at GDS, I really consider it to be the foundation for the rest of my life.”

He can directly connect GDS to his position as Executive Director of Mano en Mano | Hand in Hand, a community-non-profit in Maine that advocates for social justice and helps diverse populations with educational services, healthcare access and affordable housing. Ian explained, “It all started one day in seventh grade when I was assigned to volunteer at DC Central Kitchen. I felt an immediate connection with the place and continued volunteering throughout my time at GDS.”

Ian took his experience to Bowdoin College where he started the student organization Food Forward that delivered un-served dining hall food to a food bank. He also opened and became Executive Chef of the non-profit restaurant Taste for Change. Ian remarked, “These experiences, combined with the intellectual foundation and character that GDS helped me establish, led me to where I am today.”

Further, Ian believes that GDS taught him the importance of respect, trust and care. He said, “[The GDS values] shaped my views of the Common Good and what working towards that goal actually means in practice. . . . It’s about treating people as you want to be treated.”

HS GDS Horn of Africa Program (HOAP) Encourages International Exchange

“GDS is all about social understanding . . . . The Horn of Africa trip taught me how to communicate with different people from completely different backgrounds from my own. The program encourages students to share as well as to take in as much as they can from the experience.”
— HOAP 2010 participant

“From the earliest grades, our students are encouraged to become active community members working to improve the lives of others.”
— Elsa Newmyer, L/MS Coordinator of Community Service

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